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In the spirit of giving, we are proud to say that 100% of all donations go to Nepal. Our organizations are operated by in-kind service (non salaried) positions and volunteers.


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DCWC Schools


Most of the DCWC Schools damaged in the earthquakes of 2015 have now been rebuilt thanks to very generous supporters

""Today the woes of the children in these villages have been replaced by joy and happiness and more than anything else, I consider this the yardstick to measure our success rate."  - Akka Lama, Founder and President, DCWC Nepal
                                 - Akka Lama, President of DCWC Nepal

Construction Projects in Nepal Are Unlike Those In The Western World

1st School Project (DCWC Switzerland):

Chetana Primary School, Nagarkot VDC in Bhaktapur district, Opened June 2004
Co-ordinated by Stephan & Isabel

Chetana Primary School
The first school to be completed by DCWC, Chetana Primary School was funded by Stephan and Isabel of DCWC Switzerland, who helped Akka Lama to establish DCWC in 2000.


2nd School Project (DCWC Scotland):

Tashi Bal Bikas Primary School, Nangre Gagarche VDC ward no. 4, Kavre district - Opened December Shree Bal Bikas School2004
Donated by Eddie Moore

The second school to be completed by DCWC, Bal Bikas was donated by Eddie Moore of DCWC Scotland, who funded the entire project himself.


3rd School Project
(DCWC Nepal-UK)

Kalika Malika Primary School, Nagre Gagarche VDC ward no. 9, Kavre district - Opened April 2Kalika Malika School006     

Kalika Malika School was the first school completed solely with funds raised in the UK, with a sizable donation made by Phillipa Dalglish-Reid. The school was opened in April 2006 by a group who had done our Everest base camp trek.
After returning from the mountains they made the 9 hour journey: 5 hours by 4-wheel drive and 4 hours walking to reach the village.

4th School Project
(DCWC Nepal-UK)

Tama KhanTama Kani Schooli Primary School, Nagre Gagarche VDC ward no. 4, Kavre district - Opened April 2007
Trustee Phil Hanson had decided after a visit to Nepal the previous year that he would like to raise some funds himself to build a school. He contributed around half the funding of the Tama Khani School . The school was opened by a group who had come to Nepal to do a charity Tibet trip and short trek in the Everest region.
(This was the first project being filmed by documentary maker Jason Graham from Cozmic TV.)

5th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Batuk Bhairab Primary School, Bimphedi VDC ward no. 4, Makwanpur district - Opened May 2007
Donated by Dave Jennings & UAP
Batuk Bhairab School

After attending one of our auctions the previous November, Dave Jennings, owner of the UAP door hardware company in Bury, made an incredible offer to build a series of 5 UAP schools over the next few years. The school was opened by the DCWC Nepal Everest base camp trek 2007 group and in particular actor Sean Wilson (Martin Platt of Coronation street fame). Sean had joined the trip as part of the documentary being filmed by Jason Graham, which was also receiving considerable funding from Dave Jennings and UAP.

6th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Chaurikhola Primary School, Nagre Gagarche VDC ward no. 7, Kavre district - Opened August 2007
Donated by Dave Jennings & UAP

Chaurikhola SchoolChaurikhola School was the second school built by UAP. The site for this school had the rare opportunity in Nepal of having enough space for a football pitch. With Dave Jennings being a keen football fan, as part of the school opening DCWC held a football competition and a health camp. Brian Kilcline was part of the DCWC football team and made a fine contribution to the documentary which continued to be filmed there. The school was opened by Ben Jennings, son of company owner Dave Jennings.

7th School Project (DCWC of Czech Republic)

Khanda Devi Secondary School, Nagre Gagarche VDC ward no. 5, Kavre district - Opened April 2008
Co-ordinated By Tomas Baranek

Khanda Devi Secondary School"Namaste Nepal", is our sister organization in the Czech Republic run by Tomas Baranek. Tomas is a topographer and travel bookwriter and his many travels to the Himalayan region brought him to Nepal where he met Akka Lama and set up the charity in Czech Republic. Tomas holds exhibitions and fund raising projects in and around Prague and also in Slovakia.

8th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Darga Primary School, Gaushwara VDC ward no. 2, Ramechhap District - Opened April 2008
Donated by Cleveleys Park Methodist Church
Shree Darga Primary School

Funding for the Shree Darga Primary School was donated by Cleveleys Park Methodist Church and was co-ordinated by DCWC Nepal trustee James Wilson. The school was opened by James and several volunteers from the church who had gone to Nepal to help the charity and to open the school.


9th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Sunkoshi Primary School, Madan Kudari VDC ward no. 8,, Kavre district - Opened May 2008
Donated by - HSBC Bank
Shree Sun Koshi Primary School

Funding for the Sunkoshi Primary School was donated by HSBC Bank and in particular Andy Collins, regional manager of HSBC. DCWC Nepal was fortunate enough to be one of the recipients of funds raised at a charity ball in Manchester.
The school was opened by the members of the Everest base camp trek 2008.

10th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Antarastriya Yuba Barsa Lower Secondary School, Lakhanpur VDC ward no 1, Ramechhap district - Opened August 2008
Donated by Dave Jennings & UAP

Anarastriya Yuba Barsa Ni Ma Bi SchoolAntarastriya Yuba Barsa Lower Secondary School was the 3rd school built by UAP owner Dave Jennings. Chris Pankhurst (UAP employee) and his daughter Emma made the journey to Nepal to open this school. Emma enjoyed the experience so much she is now planning to return to the village to do some teaching.

11th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Seti Devi Primary School, Sanu Bangthali VDC ward no. 2, Kavre district - Opened October 2008
Donated by Tim Kane memorial fund

Seti Devi Primary SchoolBefore being killed in a cycling accident in 2007, Tim Kane had shown a keen interest inhelping the DCWC with two Nepal trips planned. The funding for the Seti Devi Primary School was raised from his funeral fund. Tim's cousin, Simon Booth traveled to Nepal to open the school.

12th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Bokse Primary School, Kattike Deurali VDC ward no. 9, Kavre district - Opened April 2009
Donated by Steve Lowe & Fans of Accrington Stanley FC

Shree Bokse Primary SchoolThe funding for the Shree Bokshe Primary School was raised by fans of Accrington Stanley walking the 16 mile journey from Accrington to an away game at Rochdale. The project was co-ordinated by life long Accys fan Steve Lowe who is also a Radio DJ at BBC Radio Lancashire. Members of DCWC Nepal joined them for the walk to Rochdale. The school was opened by Jason Graham and Sean Wilson of DCWC Nepal.

13th School Project (DCWC United States)

Kharpani Lower Secondary School, Gaushwara VDC ward no. 3, Ramechhap district - Opened April 2009
Co-ordinated by Ron Silberman

Kharpani Lower Secondary SchoolOne of the early supporters of DCWC in the United States, Ron Silberman raised funds to build this school with the support of Patrick and Karin Graney of Walnut Creek, California and the One World One Heart Foundation of Taos, New Mexico.  The school was opened by UK trustee Jason Graham.


14th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Shree Seti Devi Primary School, Gaushwara VDC ward no. 4, Ramechhap district - Opened April 2009
Donated by UAP / Sean Wilson

Shree Seti Devi Primary School
This was the fourth school built UAP's owner Dave Jennings. In recognition of Sean Wilson's input to the charity and to UAP, Dave gave the school over to Sean for dedication. Sean dedicated the school to his children, Maisie and Callum. The School was opened by Sean himself as part of a week long visit with Gary Collier and Jason Graham to oversee DCWC Nepal projects in rural areas.


15th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Pratibha Primary School, Makwanpur Gadhi VDC ward no. 9, Makwanpur district - Opened May 2009
Donated by Congleton High School

Shree Pratibha Primary SchoolThe funding for this school was raised by the students of Congleton High School and was co-ordinated by teacher Caroline Eckersley. The children raised the money by doing many different fundraising activities. The school was opened on behalf of DCWC Nepal by Peter and Luke Jones. Both had attended the opening of HSBCs school in 2008 and returned to do an ascent of Island Peak and to further involve themselves in DCWC Projects.


16th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Baikalpik Primary School, Nagre Gagarche VDC ward no. 4, Kavre district - Opened August 2010
Donated by The Arnewood School & Carisbrooke High School

Baikalpik Primary School

The funding for this school was raised by the children of The Arnewood School and Carisbrooke High School and was co-ordinated by teacher Mike Gough. The school was opened by a selection of the students themselves.


17th School Project (Jon Bratrud of Norway)

Shree Seti Devi Lower Secondary School, Lakhanpur VDC ward no. 2, Dobla, Ramechhap District - Opened October 2011Shree Kharpani School

18th School Project, (Namaste Nepal - Czech Republic)

Siddhartha Primary Schools, Gaushwara VDC ward no. 3, Charpa, Ramechhap District - Opened 2012
Donated by Martina and Yarda Volsicky, Namasté Nepal (DCWC Nepal), Czech Republic.


Grand Opening, 2012

19th School Project
(DCWC Nepal-UK)

Bramha Bishnu Mahadev Primary School, Lakhanpur VDC ward no. 6, Dorkhani, Ramechhap District - Opened November 2011
Donated by UAP Limited, UK

Baikalpik Primary SchoolThis was the thirteenth school built by the UK and was the fifth of five schools pledged by Dave Jennings and UAP. Representing UAP for the opening ceremony was Angela, Samantha and Christopher Neville.
Dedicated to the memory of Billy (Mac) McCarthy.

20th School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Kusheshor Primary School, Gaushwara VDC ward no. 7, Ramechhap District - Opened February, 2013
Donated by The Zen Restaurant, Lytham St. Ann's UK

Kusheshor Primary, Lytham St Ann's UK This school was opened by DCWC Nepal trustee David Underwood and fellow Blackpudlian David Oneil, along with Akka Lama, Gary Collier and a host of charity members, media and hospital staff who were there to do a free health camp.
It took from early morning till 6.45pm to drive (nearly all of it by dirt track) and nearly four hours of walking in pitch black to arrive at 10.30pm in the village. The school was opened the next morning to much fanfare, music, speech making and more merriment. By 1.30pm it was time to leave the village behind, leaving the hospital staff to continue the health camp. Another three and a half hours later we were back at the vehicle in time for darkness and another two and a half hour drive saw us back at the hospital village of Rajbash. The visits to these remotest of regions give a strong reminder of just why these projects are needed

21st School Project (DCWC Nepal-UK)

Nabin Bal Primary School, Gunsi Bhadaure VDC ward no. 9, Ramechhap District - Opened April, 2013
Donated by Sooth Lee, Bury St. Edmunds, UK

Nabin Bal Primary School








22nd School Project (Czech Development Agency and Namasté Nepal - DCWC-CZ)

Shree Bal Prativa Lower Secondary School, Anaikot VDC ward no.8, Kavre District - Opened
Donated by Czech Development Agency and Namasté Nepal (DCWC-CZ)
Inaugurated by: His Excellency Ing. Miloslav Stasek (Ambassador of the Czech Republic for Nepal)

Bal Prativa Lower Secondary School










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